Seven Tips to Create a Google Maps Marketing Strategy

If you analyze modern marketing, Google is king. Today, it is hard to start a successful business without engaging in SEO based on Google. Why? Well, Google deals with three-quarters of the whole search engine market share, which increases to about 90% if you factor in mobile devices.

One of Google’s vital features is Google Maps, which attracts a lot of attention from companies that need to increase their market share in the local areas they are based in. While it could appear illogical, transport and travel are not the niches that utilize Google maps more often. On the flip side, companies are the ones that use this feature a lot, generating over 25% of the queries.

Due to this, it is necessary to enhance your Google Maps marketing plan if you are to gain mileage over your competitors. In this piece, we will highlight seven important tips to go about it.

What is Google Maps?

This is a web-based service that gives you comprehensive data about geographical locations and places across the globe. People utilize it to plan for the best route when moving to stay away from traffic jams, get the best directions or spot a particular location. The last feature is important when marketing through Google Maps.

Chris who is a Google Maps marketing pro at Local SEO VA states that you can gain four major benefits from implementing this global mapping solution for your company. With Google Maps, entrepreneurs and marketers can communicate to the local people, increase brand awareness, reduce costs and stamp their credibility among users.

But can all this be achieved with Google Maps marketing? In the following section, we will explain it further.

Fascinating local clients: Most people try to find services such as hotels, stores, and many others within their locale. If you can ensure that your company appears on top of these searches, you will attract more buyers from that locale.

Reducing Expenses: Focusing your search on a specific area lets you target prospects better thus reducing resources that would have been used to market your business to a wider region. This means that your firm will spend less on marketing.

Improve Brand Visibility: You could boast a huge pool of solid customers who are loyal to your brand, but this does not imply that your company is the talk of the town. Some people could be oblivious of the existence of your company and you can use Google Maps Marketing to improve brand awareness.

Build Online Credibility: Over 50% of people using smart devices use Google Maps actively making it one of the most used apps in the globe. If your company ranks among other stakeholders in a specific niche, you get a chance to enhance your online reputation. On the other hand, if you do not appear anywhere, you do not send the right message to people looking for you.

7 Vital Tips to Boost your Google Maps Marketing.

You can improve the potential of your site in regard to SEO in several possible ways. Since Google regularly updates its search engine algorithms, it is hard to know all the specific elements that affect your rankings, but some of the SEO elements remain relevant over time.

For Google Maps marketing, you can improve your ranking through the following ways;

1. Location

The initial thing that you will want to look at with Google Maps Marketing is the relevance of your location in relation to the anticipated search queries. For instance, if you have a bike shop in San Diego, you should not waste your effort marketing it to people living in California. Proximity is a vital aspect in this setting and once you achieve it, everything else will become easier for you.

Note that if you want to surpass your competitors, leverage the power of tools such as Google Maps widgets. You can easily get one as a WordPress Plugin and it will assist you to incorporate Google Maps functionalities to your website. The tool is straightforward and can boost your Google Maps Marketing very fast.

2. Google My Business.

Once you have already established the finer details of local search, what you need to do is to refresh your Google My Business account. You can add business-related data on your account and give precise details that potential users will find useful. Normally, individuals need to know the business address, times of operation, what you offer and categories among others.

3. Links and Citations.

You should already understand that search engine rankings rely on citations and incoming links. This applies to Google Maps as well. Due to this, try and boost the number of local links leading to your website. If your site receives more inbound links and citations, you increase the chances of gaining a better ranking position.

4. Reviews.

Getting referrals by word of mouth is vital, and you should always leverage it whenever you get the opportunity to improve your online credibility. Looking at the fact that there are several other businesses similar to yours trying to get that top spot, the decision that people make usually relies on the number and how good are the reviews you get on Google. When people note that you receive and deserve several positive reviews, they gain more interest in your commodities.

5. On-Page SEO.

SEO is the foundation of Google’s geolocation capability. This way, ensure that you keep your business information updated and consistent throughout your online platforms across the web. Some of this information includes your business address, name of the company, mobile number, city, times of operation, email address and any other thing that might be relevant. Make sure that you integrate a map that allows users to get directions when they need to come to your premises when walking or any other means of transport. It also helps to mention landmarks and popular buildings that can help guide customers better when they try to find their way to your business.

6. Google Maps Images.

In addition to navigation, you can make use of Google Maps images to show the way your place looks both inside and outside. Posting a set of amazing pictures on your Google My Business will let users get an impression of your business right away.

7. Google Maps Advertisements.

Normally, you might want to scale up your business organically, but this should not be the way to go all the time. Due to this, ponder paying for Google Maps advertisements to show your brand in the top-ranked search results. Your advertisement will show as a purple pin along with the regular red pins on the map. As a result of this, your firm will be differentiated from the competition which is a great way to get the attention of your potential customers.


In the modern-day, it is almost impossible to come up with a successful company without looking at what Google offers. This also applies to Google Maps; a service that allows companies to market products and services to the local people better.

In this piece, we have highlighted 7 important tips that will guide you to come up with a proper Google Maps marketing strategy. Always remember these tips and inform us below in the comment section if you know any other tips or suggestions that we and our reads should be aware of.

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